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Based in Lynn, Massachusetts, Nancy B. Norman Immigration Law primarily serves clients throughout the North Shore and Greater Boston area. Some clients in need of immigration services are already in the United States. Others are still abroad, seeking to live or work in the region or elsewhere in the state or the United States, Foreign-born individuals, family members of people seeking immigration services and employers requesting information and assistance turn to this law firm for advice and help with visas, green cards, naturalization and deportation defense.

Personalized Counsel, Problem-Solving And Representation In A Variety Of Immigration Matters

Getting to know each client or potential client is a vital part of the process of finding and implementing successful immigration law solutions at Nancy B. Norman Immigration Law. The first step is an in-depth discussion about goals and options. Discovering the path to success requires a full examination of the facts and careful legal analysis of opportunities to achieve those goals.

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When To Call An Immigration Attorney

Are you seeking an employment-based visa? Do you qualify for permanent residency (LPR status) on the basis of a family relationship? Are you ready for an adjustment of status — for example, after marriage with a fiancé visa? Are you at risk of removal? Do you need a waiver of inadmissibility to overcome unlawful presence issues after you overstayed a visa? Do you need guidance on the fastest and more secure pathway toward naturalization (citizenship)? Any of these situations or similar circumstances mean it is time to consult with an immigration lawyer to prevent errors, delays or penalties that can greatly affect your future.

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