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About Nancy B. Norman: The Attorney And The Law Firm

Immigration lawyer Nancy B. Norman has devoted her legal career to the practice of law on behalf of people from other countries seeking opportunities to live and work legally in the United States. Since 1985, Atty. Norman has practiced immigration law exclusively and takes great pride in her reputation as a knowledgeable and compassionate lawyer. Her practice includes removal defense as well as family-based and employment-based petitions. She is a seasoned advocate in the United States Immigration Court. She has established very positive and respectful relationships with USCIS examiners, ICE officials, trial attorneys representing the government, and U.S. immigration judges.

Nancy B. Norman strives to ensure that clients understand the immigration process and encourages them to ask questions. Atty. Norman is very sensitive to the needs of her clients and in difficult circumstances brings much creativity to resolving issues.

A Full Range Of Immigration Law Services

Nancy B. Norman Immigration Law in Lynn, Massachusetts, serves the entire North Shore and Greater Boston area. Years of experience and many successful cases have helped attorney Nancy B. Norman develop skills that allow her to advise clients of many backgrounds. She has represented physicians, engineers, business executives, children and others smuggled into the United States, and individuals in removal proceedings. She has a keen understanding of individuals with a criminal background.

Atty. Norman welcomes inquiries regarding immigration matters such as:

  • Business-related nonimmigrant and immigrant visa
  • Family-based immigrant visas
  • Removal (deportation) defense
  • Naturalization
  • Waivers
  • Defense of detained aliens
  • Consular processing
  • Well founded fear of returning to your native country

She works hard to stay up-to-date on the latest changes in immigration laws as well as trends in immigration courts. She has developed a strong reputation in the area of complex removal cases. Many other Massachusetts immigration lawyers send the most challenging cases to Nancy B. Norman.

Nancy B. Norman's staff includes a full-time bilingual assistant available to assist Latino clients and others in need of Spanish interpreting.

A Law Practice Focusing On Possibilities

Quite a few immigration lawyers only accept cases when they believe they can predict the outcomes. This is not the way immigration attorney Nancy B. Norman views the practice of immigration law. She and her clients work together to overcome obstacles and find solutions that work.

Atty. Norman shares office space with her husband, attorney Mark S. Horrigan, a member of the Massachusetts Bar for more than 35 years. His experience prosecuting criminal post-conviction relief motions is often helpful to clients of Nancy B. Norman who are fighting removal cases based upon alleged criminal histories. Mark also assists in pursuing divorce and child custody decrees in connection with immigration petitions such as I-751 (converting conditional green card status to permanent lawful resident status) and pursuing green cards for certain unaccompanied minors.

Immigration law is a dynamic area. Inexperienced, poorly prepared lawyers sometimes struggle with the details involved in particular cases. At Nancy B. Norman immigration law, experience and careful analysis of each situation make the difference. Creativity and a focus on individual circumstances often point the way to success.

Learn about Ms. Norman's background and qualifications:

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