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Our country's laws offer many pathways to obtaining work visas, green cards (permanent residency or LPR status) and naturalization (citizenship). Not everyone who seeks to immigrate to this country legally finds a way to achieve this goal, but if this is your ambition, do not give up before talking to an immigration attorney.

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You may have looked for answers to your immigration questions through www.uscis.gov or other websites. Yes, there is a lot of information online about business immigration, family-based immigrant visas and naturalization requirements. However, an internet search cannot provide a personalized evaluation of your unique circumstances. You may not realize what your best opportunities really are for achieving your immigration goals, such as:

  • An employment-based nonimmigrant visa
  • An employment-based immigrant visa
  • A family-based immigrant visa or opportunity for legal permanent resident status (LPR or green card)
  • Avoidance of deportation
  • A waiver of inadmissibility if you had a tourist visa, student visa or other documentation for residing in the U.S., but stayed in the country past the expiration date
  • Business immigration

An Immigration Lawyer Known For Many Successes With Difficult Cases

At Nancy B. Norman Immigration Law in Lynn, Massachusetts, almost any immigration case is a possible case for the law firm to handle. With more than 30 years' experience in U.S. immigration law practice in the greater Boston region, A attorney Nancy B. Norman has developed a strong set of skills to match practically any immigration problem. If you are facing a complex immigration matter such as the following, do not hesitate to call the law firm and request a case analysis:

  • Challenges achieving reunification with family members when some have documentation to live and work in the U.S. and others do not
  • Defense and exploration of alternatives when there is a threat of deportation because of a criminal arrest, a visa problem or any obstacle
  • Resolution of immigration status for unaccompanied minors (nonresident children in the U.S. without both parents present)
  • Consular processing abroad

"I often succeed in helping clients through difficult immigration matters because of my years of experience and my thoughtful, methodical, detail-oriented approach. I recognize that every case is unique and I need to be creative about finding the right solutions for my clients' circumstances." — Nancy B. Norman, Massachusetts immigration lawyer

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